Quote of the Day



Ekta Saran

"I'm so happy that I manifested and launched a successful business, a fashion brand that turned out better than what everyone had expected it to be. For me it was greater than what I had held in my vision during the last few months."

Smita Avatarmani

"I highly recommend this program if one desires to get over victimhood and establish in one's minds, without any doubt, that we are the creators of our lives.."

Aparna Krishnan

"The recordings, the group energy, personal calls have all contributed magically in our Life, our life is so YUMMY. The way Smriti teaches the laws, it becomes so simple."

Nishita Gupta

"I have done different courses and programmes with Smriti. I absolutely love her energy. She is someone who walks her talk, uses what she teaches herself and brings that out in her teachings and in her life. When I chose the I Love My Life Coaching program I had absolute faith in her and the program."

Subhadra Shah

"She is always there having your back in case you falter and cheering you on and holding the space for your vision till you achieve it and then motivates you for the next.That is who Smriti is. I am blessed to have her in my life and may she touch many more lives with her wisdom."

Reema Dalal

"I have been doing joyous body protocol since a month now. I am able to manage my pain much better. I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since 15 years."

Raina Villaitramani

"I have been practicing JBP for about two months now, and the sense of ease it has brought to me is just wonderful! I was experiencing some stuck energy in my body, and doing this protocol brought flow and ease and an overall sense of well-being! I would highly recommend this protocol because it works as an immune booster not only for the physical body but also helps balance our energy system 😇."

Bhavisha Gwalani

"I have been using this protocol since last few months and the results are awesome. Not just the release of pains, it brings so much ease in the body that our body starts receiving the healing energy from the Planet n each every molecule of the universe.. so much of gratitude to Smriti for teaching this protocol with so much ease and conducting swap sessions for the participants."