Welcome, beautiful, adventurous, heroic you.

I am so happy to have you here, on my page. You may have found me by chance, or perhaps you were told about me through a friend. You may have traversed different paths, but the important thing is that you are here for a reason, and I welcome you wholeheartedly.About Smriti Shivdasani

You’re here because you want to make a change. Maybe several changes?  Maybe even a transformation? That’s what I love. It’s exciting, right? My role, as a Life Transformation Facilitator, is to mentor/coach/facilitate you in making those changes, the changes that YOU would LOVE. Perhaps, sometimes, even nudging you to choose changes you haven’t thought about, or don’t think are possible. I welcome you to your journey with me. My promise is to guide you to the best of my knowing, ability and with a wide- open heart.

What qualifies me to be your guide, you may ask. Well, for one,  transformation. I’ve lived it, several times over. I’ve worked in the corporate world in Investment Banking and Retail Banking. Then onto entrepreneurship; firstly in Real Estate and Relocation Consulting for 20 years, while simultaneously crafting my own crystal jewelry line, home accessories lines and delving into retail for 15 years. Then, there’s my journey with cancer. My spirit went beyond the diagnosis and yearned for more  life that’s beyond cancer. That’s when I got into alternate healing. Nothing happens by coincidence right? I believe it was the right timing. I used my tryst with cancer to learn everything I could about healing, facilitating, & coaching.  I’ve kept learning and training with the Best so that I can be my BEST self for Myself and for You.

What I've learned is that there are many perfect and not-so-perfect moments in everyone’s lifetime. While some areas of life may be perfect, e.g relationships and money, some may not. But it's these ebbs and flows that can propel us to change. And often, our evolution through the ebbs and flows result in the most beautiful transformations. So whether you are ready to choose a particular healing modality, or a class, or coaching, let’s take those first steps - let’s transform your life. I believe that YOU are a powerful Creator of your life. 

My Mantra:
When you desire happiness for everyone, your life becomes a prayer.

My Core Values:
Commitment: I am committed to your success
Integrity: I honor the truth of you and me
Fun: We have fun creating the life you love
Growth: We grow in and from everything

Founder of RTU: Release the Unconscious process
Dream Builder Coach, certified by Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute
Life Mastery Consultant, certified by Mary Morrissey’s Brave Thinking Institute
Radical Forgiveness Coach, certified by International Institute for Radical Forgiveness and Leadership
Body Whispering Practitioner and Facilitator. Certified by Dr. Adeela Afiz’s Life Whispering Institute
Light Healing Frequencies Practitioner and Facilitator, Certified by Founder, Vidya Kaval
Facilitator of Light Key Wellness Courses, Certified by Nirmala Raju, Infinite Healing

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