Rs. 50,000/-


Body Whispering

3 days x 4 hours each over zoom/

No pre requisites required/

Practitioner Certified

Our Life and the Universe is constantly Whispering to us and inviting us to be the wholeness we truly are. Our Body is constantly listening and conveying those whispers even when we aren't. 

I have personally created an expansive life using the Body Whispering technique. It's an integral part of my daily life now. Would you like that too? 

Welcome to Body Whispering, a technique developed by Dr. Adeela Afiz which has been used successfully by many people for self empowerment and as practitioners contributing to others. 

The Body Whispering class provides a platform for unprecedented change, awareness and a level of communion with your body that can be hard to find.

Body Whispering Classes are an exciting journey into stepping into and opening up your healing capacities. Whether you are out to change a body, health or life issue or learn the tools to become an intuitive healer and facilitator yourself, you will walk away from these classes with a new level of capacity and confidence in your own abilities. 

No Pre Reqs required! 



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